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Investment Management

Professional portfolio management by an experienced Research Analyst / Portfolio Manager.


Tax Preparation Services

With over 20 years of tax experience our AFSP (Annual Filing Season Particpant) Preparers understand your returns and how they are impacted by your investment accounts.

Payroll / Bookkeeping Services

Your buisness payroll and bookkeeping needs are well cared for…


About us


VIMCOR is a registered investment advisor in the state of Pennsylvania. We offer discretionary, advisory only, and small client products to the general public. Accounts can be set up as IRA, Simple IRA retirement plants, 401k and Keogh plans, usually without a setup charge.

All investment ideas are internally researched and must pass certain financial screens and parameters.  Those that pass are then put into respective client portfolios based upon that clients needs and risk attributes.


We are community members, scout leaders, and your neighbors.  Investment decisions are made locally; if you have questions, we have answers.

· Meet Our Team ·

Gary Vassalotti, MBA, LIFA, AFSP

An Experienced Equity Research Analyst and Portfolio Manager with over Over 20+ years experience.  BS Finance, MBA, Licensed International Financial Analyst.


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