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Tax Services

Taxes can be confusing; Federal taxes, state taxes, multi-state taxes, local taxes, and even rent / property tax rebates. How do you know if they are being prepared correctly? Or even completely?

Many of the ‘tax stores’ advertise that they ‘know’ taxes… do they? These chains hire part time preparers whose only qualification is a 4 week tax course.

VIMCOR offers tax preparation by experienced preparers. Some of our preparers have taken college level tax courses, have MBA’s, earn the AFSP designation every year and do this with over 20 years of experience.

And our fees are usually MUCH lower than theirs…. sometimes as much as half as much as their prices.

We will prepare your Federal, State, Local, and Rent / Property taxes. These are all efiled when possible, leaving you nothing to mail in.

We can also prepare your business tax returns, including corporate and partnership returns.

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Gary Vassalotti, MBA, LIFA, AFSP