Social Security Optimization

Did you know there are literally thousands of different Social Security filing options? File for benefits, file and suspended, file survivor, and many more.

Filing at the wrong age, or with the wrong status can cost you thousands to hundreds of thousands in lost benefits over time.

VIMCOR can analyze your situation and advise you on the best filing method, with directions on when and how to file. This analysis can be part of a complete financial plan or calculated independently. We advise that you check and recheck the results every few years until retirement to be sure changes in the laws over time do not necessitate a change in strategy.

Schedule and appointment with VIMCOR, bring your current benefit statement, all pages,  (from the website) for both you and your spouse and we will run a detailed report to determine your optimal filing time frame and strategy.

VIMCOR is located at:

117 Olde Farm Office Road
Duncansville, PA 16635

814-693-5093 or email to


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