Pension Plans for Small Businesses

401K and Simple IRA pension programs

VIMCOR believes that all employees deserve a pension plan, even if it is a one man company.  Unfortunately, many of my competitors’ plans have such high fees that a pension plan is nearly undoable for most small companies.

401K Savings Plan – Big Company Benefits, Low Company Costs!

A company’s most important asset is its employees. Your employees do the work, bring in the business, and keep customers happy. It is very important to keep a stable employee base to present a strong company image to your customers.

But with today’s tight labor market it is increasingly hard to attract and retain qualified employees without offering the same benefits that they receive at America’s largest companies.

VIMCOR’S 401K plan for employers allows you to provide Fortune 500 retirement benefits while retaining a low-cost-outlay budget profile.

All recurring fees can be paid by the plan itself and go down (as a percentage of assets) as the plan grows.

VIMCOR utilizes a system to ensure quality service and the security of the employees funds.  This security is provided by:

  • Utilizing a third party to do plan administration.
  • The administrator services over 30 401K plans with of $4 million.
  • All trades are initiated by the administrator.
  • All funds are held in custody by a national brokerage house are insured by the SIPC.
  • All deposits, withdrawals, and fee payments are controlled by the independent administrator.
  • Employees authorize and make changes in the investment selections in their accounts.

VIMCOR assists the employer in selecting the funds and will create and monitor model portfolios that the employees may emulate in their accounts

Low Fee Structure

Wide Variety of Investment Choices

VIMCOR’s Role in Your Plan

Plan FAQ


Simple IRA Plans

Key Benefits

1. Customized Portfolio for each individual employee:

  • Portfolios are managed as a Managed Fund product unitl assets under management are over $50,000. This allows for lower overall costs to the employee account.
  • Risk Tolerances
  • Return Requirements
  • Time span until the funds will be needed
  • Liquidity requirements

2. Diversification of assets into:

  • Equities (Domestic and Foreign)
  • Bonds
  • Money Market Instruments
  • Mutual Funds
  • other appropriate investments per account needs.

3. Safety of Assets

  • All client money is deposited directly by the client into a brokerage account to be set up for the individual client at Waterhouse securities.
  • VIMCOR does NOT have the ability to indiscriminately withdraw funds from the client account, nor does it retain custody of any client funds or assets. Only authorized withdrawals, such as management fees may be taken from the client account with client authorization.


1. Individual Employee Accounts. These accounts are owned by each employee and are immediately 100% vested.

2. Fees can be paid either by the employee (for a $0 management cost plan to employer) or the employer may pay the fees on behalf of he employees.

3. Maximum contributions:

  • Employee: 6% of salary up to $6,000
  • Employer: up to 3% of employee salary
  • Employee may not be a participant in another retirement program, or limits may apply to their contribution amount in the SIMPLE plan

4. Other retirement assets may not be rolled into the SIMPLE IRA account, and assets held in the SIMPLE IRA account may not be rolled over into another IRA for two years.