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Below is listed some older investment research; these are shown as examples only and are not recommendations.  Most are quite a few years old.

I have posted here some of the in-house research reports that I have created.  Some of these reports are just summary sheets, some are full blown reports.  There is also a think-type piece concerning investing in the utility sector.


Reports for

Brothers Aviation
Micro-Cap Stock.  Produces and develops unique aircraft for the home-built user, law enforcement agencies, and a research project craft for DARPA.
International Monetary Systems, ltd. Micro-Cap Stock.  This one basically mints money.  It is a barter exchange company, great potential, small float.  May be a good long term investment.  Reports available at
Headliners Entertainment Group Micro-Cap Stock.  Does business as Rascals, a comedy club operator.  Good potential for price appreciation as company sales and earnings trend upwards.  Reports available at
Healthcare Business Services Group Micro-Cap Stock. Provides Healthcare billing services, expanding into surgical center management. Report available at 
InstaPay Systems Micro-Cap Stock.  Research at was suspended due to failure of IPYS to pay its fees.  Report can be viewed here, IPYS REPORT  
Semotus Solutions Micro-Cap technology Firm.  A copy of this report, and access to the company’s power page can be found at

Sector Research

Security Sector (for Cronus Capital Markets)
Homeland Security Sector research report.
This report is updated quarterly and normally includes snapshot reports on selected companies.  The latest report can always be found at Cronus Capital Markets or at
Utilities Ramblings about the Utility Sector and its outlook


Investment Reports 

These companies may or may not be currently held in client portfolios (subject to change without notice):

Realty Income Corporation (O-E and O)
Buy the preferred series E (O-E) for Income.  Common maybe fully valued at these levels.  Report gives suggested entry prices for the common (O).
Patterson Util, Inc (10/06/06) Growth Company in the Oil Services field.  Would also qualify as Low P/E.
Crown American Corporation
Own for Income.  Shares have possibility to be taken over, giving a small capital appreciation potential.5/03 CWN announces it has sold out to Pennsylvania Realty Trust (PREIT), symbol PEI
Crescent Real Estate (CEI)Statistical Report Valuation Model Simple Statistical and Valuation Model reports on this reit
Mesabi Trust (01/01) Small cap, income trust.  Part of dividend is non-taxable return of capital, good yield, can be affected by economy.
First Union (now Wachovia)
Special Situation.  Turnaround financial stock (NOTE: At one time I was employed by company)
Suiza Food (now Dean Foods)
Large Cap Growth company, in the recession resistant food sector.
St. Jude Medical (11/98) Blue Chip growth company

Non-Current Research

These are companies that have been previously owned and then sold, or were researched but never purchased:

Plato Learning (04/00) Small Cap, educational related company
Noodle Kidoodle (10/98) Taken over by a competitor
Medi-Hut (08/01) Small cap, speculative issue; ‘crashed and burned’ late 2002.  SEC investigations so far have not turned up anything, but the stock has been destroyed.
Grupo Elektra Value company that has passed a ‘Fallen Angel’ screen and valuation model ranking it in the top 3rd of all S&P 500 stocks. Bought around $7.50, sold at $12.50 about 5 months later.
CPAC  (07/01) Own for yield… slow/no growth industry (chemicals)
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