VIMCOR is a registered investment advisor in the state of Pennsylvania. We offer discretionary, advisory only, and small client products to the general public. Accounts can be set up as IRA, Simple IRA retirement plans, 401k and Keogh plans, usually without a setup charge.

All investment ideas are internally researched and must pass certain financial screens and parameters. Those that pass are then put into respective client portfolios based upon that clients needs and risk attributes. VIMCOR also provided institutional research for This research can be viewed under the VIMCOR Research link at the left.  Investrend is no longer in business.

Gary Vassalotti, LIFA, RTRP

My investment style is generally a value style, with a touch of growth and special situation stocks. Fixed income is generally handled by investing in bond mutual funds so that costs can be kept down for our clientele.

During my career I have been extensively involved in several computer projects. I have gained experience with web pages, programming, and of course, financial concepts. Please see my resume for a detailed job history.

VIMCOR’s ADV Part 2 (details about VIMCOR, its personnel, and investment procedures) may be viewed here: formadv-part2.pdf A sample of our Management Contract can be viewed here: Vassalotti Investment Management Corp Contract.

If you are interested in a portfolio management account, please send email to me Gary Vassalotti, RTRP, LIFA so that details may be forwarded to you. Minimum recommended account size is $10,000, however, smaller accounts are accepted. Fees range from 0.5% to 1.0% (depending on account size).