(All clients receive, free, a locking USB drive to store their returns)

Download a simple tax organizer here: simple-organizer

Taxes are not fun, but at least VIMCOR can make them less painful!  We can prepare your taxes at your location, no extra charge (limited geographic region, please call for details), or you can schedule an appointment in our office at 117 Olde Farm Drive. We provide E-file, Federal, State, Local Tax preparation, and Easy Advance (from Republic Bank) for one low price!

If you have had your taxes done at on of those ‘Tax Stores’ (one of which has been in trouble for pushing very costly retirement plans on its customers) you could expect to pay $180-$300 for just a basic tax package. Our charges for tax preparation average only $90-125 in preparation fees (fee varies, and may exceed $125 depending on circumstances). Investment clients receive an additional discount. However, if you open an account (optional, not required) with VIMCOR and agree to leave it open for at least one year, we will prepare your taxes for you at no charge, or if you prefer, you can just take advantage of our low cost tax preparation services.


Compare Prices Liberty Tax H & R Block VIMCOR
$191.00 + Bank Fees $147.00 + Bank Fees $ 90-125 No Bank Fees!
You save (at least): $ 66 – 101 $ 22 – 57


Current VIMCOR clients receive a discount of 20% off of prep fees; New clients have the option of receiving the first years return for free.   After one year the discounted rate would apply.

Minimum recommended account size is $10,000; However, smaller accounts are accepted with a monthly contribution agreement (as low as $20 per month).  Early account closure may result in fees being applied for tax service at non-discounted rates.

Call Gary Vassalotti, RTRP, AFSP at 814-693-5093 or send e-mail to for more information and to schedule your tax preparation appointment today!