Portfolio Management

Direct discretionary management for accounts over $100,000

An individual with over $100,000 to manage deserves special attention.  Attention that is not given with an account that is purely invested in mutual funds.  At VIMCOR, we consider each individual’s needs and risk attributes when designing a custom portfolio.

Key Benefits

Customized Portfolio reflecting individual:

  • Risk Tolerances
  • Return Requirements
  • Time span until the funds will be needed
  • Liquidity requirements

Diversification of assets info:

  • Equities (Domestic and Foreign)
  • Bonds
  • Money Market Instruments
  • Mutual Funds
  • other appropriate investments per account needs

Safety of Assets

  • All client money is deposited directly by the client into a brokerage account to be set up for the individual client at Ameritrade Advisor Services.
  • VIMCOR does NOT have the ability to indiscriminately withdraw funds rom the client account, nor does it retain custody of any client funds or assets. Only authorized withdrawals, such as management fees, may be taken from the client account with a client authorization.


This account can be instituted in different forms, for different purposes:

Retirement Funds

Open the account as a Roth IRA, Regular IRA, SEP IRA, or a rollover of qualified assets.

Trust Accounts

Assets in the account can be managed for a beneficiary of a trust. This could entail a survivor-ship trust, charitable remainder trust, or a trust for the benefit of a minor dependent.


The assets can be managed for future uses, such as saving for a house, college expenses, or wedding expenses. Whatever the individual account holder desires.