Managed Funds

A set of professionally managed portfolios consisting of mutual funds

Designed for smaller investment accounts, the Managed Funds account will accept a deposit as little as $10,000 (IRA minimums are lower).  This account is perfect as a beginner account for dependents, a begging IRA (smaller minimum account size applies, with restrictions), a SIMPLE 401k, and accounts with less than $100,000 liquid assets.   Most advisors require a minimum of $100,000 for this type of account.

Clients are categorized by one of three style attributes: Growth, Balanced, and Income.  Portfolios are designed to provide these attributes by investing in No-load, No-Transaction fee mutual funds.  These are selected according to a personalized risk profile, client liquidity and length of time until retirement.

Key Benefits

  • Lower Management Fees (0.8% or 0.008 x account value)
  • Mutual funds are researched and tracked on a continuous basis
  • Account is normally rebalanaced on a quarterly basis
  • Diversification via mutual fund investing


VIMCOR can open this account in a variety of styles. The account can be used as a retirement vehicle. savings vehicle. or for the benefit of a dependent minor.

Utilizing the account in a SIMPLE IRA, or SIMPLE 401K, is a cost effective way for a company to offer its employees retirement benefits for little or no cost to the employer. Please contact us for details about this exciting ability.

Savings Vehicle

A low cost way to have an account professionally managed to grow funds for future use.

Retirement Vehicle

With a minimum of $2,000, you can have your IRA professionally managed.

Company Retirement Vehicle

Design a SIMPLE 401K, SEP IRAs, SIMPLE IRA’s, or a Profit Sharing Plan for your company and utilize individual accounts for your employees. These accounts can be set up free of charge, and the employer has the option of having the management fee paid by itself, or by the individual employee accounts.