VIMCOR offers several different investment paths designed to fit the client’s requirements.

Managed Funds:  For account with balances starting with just a few hundred dollars up to fifty thousand or more;  This account is perfect for those just starting the investment phase, new IRA, or educational savings accounts.

Direct Managed account:  Once an account reaches $50,000 or more, we can help lower overall costs by utilizing a Direct Managed account.  With today’s lower commission rates charged by TD Ameritrade we are able to create a customized portfolio of individual investments.  This can reduce fees incurred by investing in mutual funds or ETF funds and can provide a more concentrated portfolio.

Online Planning:  We also have a web interface,  where clients can enter information to get a new relationship started.

Social Security Optimization – Shows you how to get the most in SS benefits.

Personal Income Tax Preparation

College Funding Services (provided by POWT)

Small Business Pension Management – 401k and Simple IRA pension programs.