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Paladin Registry Fiduciary
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Kopp’s Employees

URGENT: Kopp’s Employee’s Must Take Action about their 401k Plan …..

With the purchase of Kopp’s Pharmacy by Rite Aid, the 401k plan that you participate in will close and employees will have to decide how to handle their account balances.

VIMCOR’ has helped individuals in similar situations roll their accounts over to personal retirement IRA’s so that they incur no increase in taxable income or withdrawal penalties.     Rolling over or withdrawing your funds incorrectly can result in a loss 40% or more of your account balance; DO NOT ALLOW a simple mistake take almost half of your retirement savings.

I,  Gary Vassalotti, LIFA, RTRP, president of VIMCOR have over 20 years experience managing money with the nations largest banks (First Union (now Wells Fargo) and First American Bank), doing the actual research for investment picks in client portfolios, and income tax preparation.  Unlike many advisers in the region, I have no conflicts of interest  where a large financial institution pressures that advisers to purchase certain investments.  As an experienced research analyst, I know the details of the investments that go into client portfolios; there is no analyst in some far away place making decisions for people they have never met.

To safeguard your funds and help protect your retirement, CALL ME TODAY or use the contact form on the left to schedule a time to meet and discuss your options.  I can be reached at 814-693-5093;  my office number forwards to my cell phone if I am not in the office, so if you get a voice mail I am assisting another client.  Just leave a name and number and I will call you back ASAP.


VIMCOR  is registered as an investment adviser (RIA) with the state of Pennsylvania.  All client funds are held in custody by a third party, Ameritrade Advisor Services, in accounts owned by VIMCOR clients.