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College Funding

logoCollege Funding Solutions, provided by VIMCOR!

VIMCOR is pleased to announce we now provide the College Funding Solutions, Inc (CFS) program to increase your students eligibility for grants and scholarships; client letters demonstrate thousands of dollars saved on tuition expenses for every year in college!

The CFS program is a comprehensive system that enrolls students from the 9th grade through the 11th grade and covers them until they complete their freshman year of college.  The program provides the student with career planning, SAT prep training (shown to increase scores by 200 points), advice on high school courses, college selection (provides background statistics not found elsewhere), and even provides hints on the best time to visit particular schools.


For the parents, the program will complete the FAFSA (financial aid application) for you to ensure that it is filled out correctly and in the best interests of the family, not the schools.  In addition, CFS will assist you in applying for private scholarships, help you qualify for the most in grants and scholarships, and will go the extra mile by helping you to negotiate for lower tuition costs at your selected college,

You owe it to yourself to sit down with VIMCOR and see the advantage we can offer you!  Time is of the essence; some money is available on a first come first serve basis and students are not accepted after entering their senior in HS (will accept students only for a couple of months into their senior year), but the most benefit is obtained by students in early years of high school, preferably freshman year.

We have prepared a small brochure that can be viewed here: Brochure  Afterwards, be sure to fill out this form or contact us at 814-693-5093 to get started on saving thousands of dollars in out of pocket expenses.

Some examples of award letters, before and after entering the program.  Note that the EFC, or expected family contribution, is the OUT OF POCKET amount the parents are expected to pay.  The lower this number, the more the student qualifies for Grants (ie, money you DON’T have to pay back).

Example One – This one shows the EFC going from $28,765 (PER Year) to $9,457.  A potential savings of $19,308 PER YEAR.

Example Two – This example shows the EFC going from $19,344 (PER Year) to $12,026.  A potential savings of $7,318 PER YEAR.